Ebb and Flow

Amazing video Over the last 10 years I have noticed how as I ride the waves in the ocean of life, sometimes I fall with my face buried deep into the sand. Just when I am about to give in to the relentless force of the turbulent water, it pulls away and I am left on the shore catching the deepest breath I could ever imagine.  The ebb and flow of life and what we consider to be “good” and “bad” are the things that make life the richest. If we didn’t have tough times, would we notice just how wonderful life is when things are going well?  Would we notice the stars if we didn’t have the night?  Would we find within us our greatest potential if we didn’t have to work through things on all levels to make it there.  Somehow with the challenges of life, we can be gifted with the eyes to see what our true potentials really are.  Open your eyes and know you are more than anything you could possible dream.  Own it and embrace all that you are and will become.