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  • November 2007
  • My Costa Rica

    So it is crazy how each person’s experience can lead to such different feelings/attitudes. My Costa Rica trip is a warm sunny memory in my heart. I spent 15 days in Nosara swimming, running, doing yoga, and enjoying each day filled with wonderful, exercise and playing, hot sunshine, and the most amazing fruits and veggies […]

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  • Zombie?

    That’s about what I am feeling like. I am always talking about the difference between the masses of zombies I see walking around and how very few people seem to actually be ‘alive’ and ‘awake’. A beautiful sight, those who really live… I typically consider myself as one who lives freely and fully, but this […]

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  • Snow.

    Ya, so I have mixed feelings about snow. Things I dig: 1) No drought. I love water. 2) Skiing. I am/was (until Canyon–will be again) a fair weather skier. I am excited to bring out the Tele’s and Skate Ski’s (thanks Abby) this year. Yep that’s about it for the likes. Now for things I […]

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  • Anyone need a puppy?

    So if anyone needs a really cute 10 week old labrador puppy, you’ve found the right place. I have six of them that need homes. They are AKC registered, guaranteed not to have hip or eye problems and are the cutest little things you’ve ever seen. So having one big dog and 6 little ones […]

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  • Ouch!

    So just when I thought I was getting pretty good at my cross dismounts/remounts, I just had to crash. This was on the dismount which I had (or thought) no problems with. I was practicing for tomorrow’s race and did the classic swing my leg over to step down, but oh! I forgot to clip […]

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  • Happy Thankful Day

    This is a hard time of the year for me to count my blessings. Perhaps this is why they put the Thanksgiving Holiday now? So, I’ve got to unload some gripes first: -Tri season’s over 🙁 -It’s cold (ran an hour this AM in single digit Park City chill) 🙁 -Yep, winter’s a comin’ 🙁 […]

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