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  • December 2007
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    So Mommy T tagged me. I suppose this means like her I’m supposed to disclose 5 things about myself others might not know. The problem is, is all I do is talk about me. Doesn’t everyone know everything? Hmmm…… I put some things, but bear with me if it’s common knowledge. 1) I was first […]

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a great holiday. I know in some cases like mine, it is unfortunately more like surviving the holiday, but things are always on their way to getting better. Although my little Canyon would probably be thrilled with a drum set since it fits his wild attitude perfectly, he […]

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  • No money in the sport

    So every now and then (or quite often!) I read a blog post or article in Velo news, etc. about there being no money in the sport. Bart recently brought up some interesting thoughts about why the sport is not evolving as it could in his latest reads. Coming from someone, that in this town […]

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  • Been a Few

    So race report has taken me a few days to put up. Mostly as I wasn’t happy with the way my race panned out. I literally had a back row start which makes moving up 10 rows towards the front on a technical course like we had pretty difficult. I wasn’t worried and was just […]

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  • Wow! These guys are awesome!!!

    So despite polar conditions today, some of our Utah guys HTFU’d for some great results. Yep, snow came in last night with flurries and wind all day. Supposedly it was 25 degrees, but with my lack of an internal heater and the fact I wasn’t doing much to move my blood, I froze! So Art […]

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  • Nationals in Kansas?

    So we arrived in Kansas yesterday. Sly delivered our bikes this morning. I’d forgotten how nice it is to fly when I don’t have to haul a bike case around with me. I think TSA was on one though because me and the two people ahead and behind me all had our bags searched for […]

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