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  • January 2008
  • Broke

    Ouch! Last night I took one of my dogs for a walk around Liberty Park. She is still a puppy and doesn’t quite get the leash thing yet. So the whole time I was trying to keep her from wrapping the leash around my legs. Unfortunately for me and my poor little tail bone, I […]

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  • A Coach for the Coach

    Matt Finnigan is an awesome guy. He is one of the most positive and amazingly dedicated high school coaches I have ever heard of, let alone had the opportunity to work with. I hope he doesn’t mind, but this is part of the post region meet email he sent out to his swimmers. I think […]

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  • Inspiration

    For the past few months I’ve been given the opportunity to work as the strength and conditioning coach for the Judge Memorial High School swim team. As per my usual, I jumped into it head first without thinking. All I knew was that if I had the opportunity utilize in high school what I know […]

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  • Cute Boy

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  • Snow Therapy

    Sunday was great! I finally received a much needed massage in the AM. Most people want to relax after a massage. When I receive them and can actually lift my limbs with full range of motion, I get all excited about being un-mangled. So then all I want to do is work out. I got […]

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  • Snowshoe Race

    So what an insane week. Just about everything that could have gone wrong in the first half did. I was still really tired from the holidays, Canyon was sick, I’m trying to find a new home, etc. I feel as though I’ve let so many people down. Since I wasn’t able to leave this weekend […]

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