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  • February 2008
  • Smiles

    Oh man! I got a couple of the best rides in this weekend!!! I am so happy about that. Makes me wish I was young and free again and could do it day after day, after day. But that got me into trouble too. Over -trained and burned out comes to mind! I am sometimes […]

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  • St. George Runaway

    So moving was hard. Here is the insane thing about it. I had less to move than I’ve had to move in a long time. I got rid of some stuff, left some, and had not a single piece of furniture to lift, haul or otherwise even think about (Scott is keeping everything–I’m tired of […]

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  • First Run

    So today I decided that I was either going to go crazy or try to run. I decided that since I’m already completely nuts, that I had better try the run. I prepared my poor rear as best I could. I took Advil (more drugs?). Before Canyon woke up, I went out to the snowbanks […]

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  • Still Here

    So I’ve had some concerned emails. Sorry everyone for the last post and then just to leave ya’ll (my son’s new twang and English dialect he picked up while visiting grandparents in Kentucky is starting to effect me–although I’ve been told I seem to have my own language and accent anyway by too many people […]

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