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  • August 2008
  • Tough Road Back

    Hmmm….what do I say? I keep thinking that I’m Wonder Woman until proven otherwise. Again, and again. My Xterra last weekend was tough. Having done no real intensity for a month and then hitting a Regional Championship hurt a bit. I did finish, but at a cost. I had a really upset stomach the entire […]

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  • Game On!

    Wow! I have been soooo incredibly busy lately, I hardly have had time to blink. So hopefully the miracle has happened and I will be healthy enough to race on Saturday for the Xterra Mountain Region Championship! I feel so out of shape! I haven’t run a step for almost a month, haven’t had time […]

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  • A Day Just For Me

    Sometimes I get so caught up in being the people pleaser. I find that when I get busy, the first thing to go is my own self care. For the past couple of months, I found myself in an extreme form of that scenario. I was getting less and less sleep. Eating lower quality foods, […]

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