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  • October 2008
  • The Color Purple

    I will spare the details, but this year has certainly turned into my year for physical pain. Last year was emotional. Which carried into this year and turned physical? I don’t know. Saturday I crashed hard at the cyclocross race. Going from 25 mph out of a short steep hill and wiping out in a […]

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  • Hoping I wouldn’t be sad

    In the ideal world within my head and heart, I would be boarding a plane tomorrow morning to continue my journey of love I have racing the Xterra off-road triathlon series. This is Worlds. I qualified in May and worked all summer and part of fall in an effort to go and show myself what […]

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  • Reminder

    One of the things I need to remember is that no matter how good I become at something, there is always a new level to aspire towards, something else I can learn. Or as I have experienced lately, setbacks. It is all part of the journey. Not just in sport. These peaks and valleys I […]

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  • Reality Check

    So when it comes to my athleticism, why do I seem to be the only one not to notice when my season is over? Now that I have officially been forced to end my season early and call off my Xterra Worlds race (don’t want to admit how many tears that one took), I am […]

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  • Bitter Sweet

    Race Morning at Beautiful Lake Tahoe My 2008 Xterra Nationals weekend was one that taught me the toughest of lessons, yet showed me a very welcome breath of humanity. I will never forget it. First off, the fact I made it there is a complete miracle. Because of my health and fund shortage, I had […]

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  • Been a While

    Geez. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d written a post. I’ve received a flood of emails asking me for updates! So sorry everyone for not writing. Okay, so here goes! First my health. It is strange that in some ways I am feeling better. I found out what the main thing […]

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