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  • August 2009
  • Yoga On the Road

    One of the things I love the most about traveling is that I take the opportunity to check out different yoga studios.¬† I believe that my practice has become very well rounded because I seek out so many different teachers and styles.¬† Of course my favorites have always been Astanga and intense vinyasa flow as […]

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  • Slowing Down Can Make You Fast

    I just returned from a fantastic weekend where I drove with a good friend to Ketchum Idaho for the final La Sportiva Mountain running series race. Before I get going on this, I will say that this company and everyone I have ever met whom is associated with it is absolutely amazing. Youthful, happy, strong, […]

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  • Innovative Running Shoes

    As a long time competitive runner, I have had my share of running injuries. Over the years I finally realized that it was often due to equipment not being suitable for my feet. I have a unique stride and foot strike I have worked to perfect over the years. I land on my forefoot and […]

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  • Moving Forward :)

    One thing I have learned in life is all things change. It is a universal law. Many things I gladly let go, while others I clung to with tears in my heart and a stinging to my eyes. I have watched my life change drastically over the last couple of years. My son’s father left […]

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