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  • October 2009
  • Down and Out

    I have celebrated and cherished the last couple of months finally seeing health, fitness, and my inner light improve. Everything has been going up! This last Wednesday put another dent in my progress. I worked early in the morning from 5-9 AM, went on a fabulous 8 mile tempo run and then went home to […]

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  • Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

    Animals and children know something about sleep adults seem to forget. Learn from them! Diet, the perfect training plan, massage, icing, mind strength. The list goes on and on. These are all incredibly important aspects to help one reach their athletic potential. Often, one of the key ingredients we don’t take seriously until it is […]

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  • And it Just Keeps Getting Better

    Picture of Trey, the PR dude of XTERRA and a super awesome friend!Last Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of racing the XDURO half marathon trail run up Wheeler Canyon to Snowbasin Resort. This was in conjunction with the XTERRA triathlon nationals. Nationals moved to my home state of Utah from Tahoe this year. Even […]

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