• The Second Amendment of our Constitution in Action. God Bless America

    A few days ago Eric and I had an intruder enter our home. What could have ended badly if not deadly, fortunately had a happy outcome due to Eric’s quick thinking and the fact that he was able to properly protect with a firearm.  Here is a statement as to why he acted as he did:

    There has been a lot of press about what happened in our home on Thursday, March 28. Many comments, mostly positive and a few negative, have spiraled throughout the nation.  I know the 2nd Amendment is currently a very emotional topic. Due to our Constitutional rights carried out appropriately, my family is safe. Here is the rest of the story that needs to be heard:

    Rachel, my soon to be wife… was physically abused for years by her ex (the father of her son mentioned in the article). When I met her, she displayed all the classic symptoms of physical abuse. To this day I do not understand why I was the first person to do something about it after 10 years of devastation- to end the cycle.
    Last April, he injured her so horribly that by the time I got her to the hospital, they informed me that had she not been taken to the ER, that she would have died within 2-5 hours. She did not tell me for months after what really happened, because she was still protecting him- this is a classic sign of abuse. She blamed it on her bicycle.

    This incident, like many others that happened to her at his hands, went unreported because he threatened her to kill her or take away her son if she spoke. Because of this, nothing was ever reported to the police. She was too afraid to speak. Thus our legal system chooses to believe that neither her son nor she are at risk from his abusive behavior. Even attempting to secure a protective order in SLC was refused due to lack of police reports. All because he is an “upstanding” citizen of the community, and because they believe that there is no risk due to his words saying she is lying. Never mind years of unexplained ER visits…. This last fall I helped Rachel, and we thought her son, finally get out of immediate danger. He retaliated and sued her for custody to maintain control over her. The court mandated that its in the best interest of the child that he be forced to remain in that environment. They took her son away from her allowing her only 2x a month visitation. Rachel could not remain in SLC in fear of her life. To this day, she is doing all she can to be brave and have faith her ex will not hurt her son as she strives to find hope that her son will be returned to her unharmed. This is all while her ex does all he can to disparage her character and pretend like he is good.


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  • Tips for the Trail – Looking forward to Lake Las Vegas – XTERRA – 3-22-2013

    By Rachel Cieslewicz published by XTERRA on March 22, 2013 It’s finally spring again! This is my favorite time of year as it means longer days full of sun and warmth.  And of course with the shifting of the seasons, this means it is time to hit the national XTERRA circuits again! The trail running […]

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  • Manduka Ambassador of the Month

    Ourtdoor Retail Show yoga demonstration

    Ourtdoor Retail Show yoga demonstration svarga dvijasana (Bird of Paradise Pose)

    I love practicing and teaching yoga more than just about anything.  Over the last few years I have cultured a wonderful relationship with Manduka which is a poster child yoga mat and prop company built on community inspired marketing. I first became an ambassador

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  • Tips for the Trail – Creating Your Song – XTERRA – 3-15-2013

    By Rachel Cieslewicz Published in XTERRA March 15, 2013 If trail running were a song, how would it sing?  The easy answer is simply to run to someone else’s tune, or turn the brain off and escape from the rest of life by foot. While such simplicity can act as a huge stress relief in […]

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  • Tips for the Trail – Take a Chance at Lake Las Vegas – XTERRA – 3-8-2013

    By Rachel Cieslewicz published by XTERRA March 8, 2013 It is always a glorious experience participating in a perfectly executed event.  Luckily, we have XTERRA as the poster child of producing dream race day experiences. XTERRA has a way of magically weaving together the best of all aspects of racing out in nature. They are […]

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  • Hoka One One Review

    Hoka One One

    Hoka Distance summit 2

    Preparing for a road run at the USTAF distance summit in California

    I love to run. I am a lifetime toe runner whom has had to train my gait to land with a  mid-foot strike.  I suppose it is the result of growing up dancing.  For years I did most of my running in race flats or barefoot as I struggled to find shoes to fit the way my feet liked to move.

    When the barefoot and minimalist running shoe movement started, I found myself right at home in a variety of low profile, made for my way of it, style footwear.  I have spent years perfecting my running form. Despite running very efficiently with very good bio-mechanics, I race and train on enough extreme terrain, that my feet and joints overtime have struggled greatly due to impact over the long run, amidst a broad variety of obstacles.


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