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A Coach for the Coach

Matt Finnigan is an awesome guy. He is one of the most positive and amazingly dedicated high school coaches I have ever heard of, let alone had the opportunity to work with. I hope he doesn’t mind, but this is part of the post region meet email he sent out to his swimmers. I think I am the one who will benefit from it the most. So yes. Matt is also an amazing coach and mentor and inspiration for this coach. Me.

I would just like to say that despite the so called
“shortcomings” some of you may have encountered on this day, we are
indeed on the right track. This was a Region Championship meet, not
the meet we’ve been working all season for. You need to trust that
track and stick to it. This is not a time to wallow in a corner and
wish for better days. This is a time to stand up for yourself, stand
up for your teammates and make a stand for the fire I know that
resides inside your belly. Welcome and embrace the challenges ahead!

This is just the sort of obstacle that allows one to find out just
what kind of person you are, and the person you aspire to be in the
life you lead forward. There are many successful people in this world
who, by all counts, should not be successful if the pundits had
anything to say about it… Some, perhaps, live with these obstacles
every day, and though they’ve certainly wavered to and fro enough
times to count, they’ve NEVER been one to back down from the so-
called impossible, despite circumstances that sometimes appear too
extreme. My own daughter Lily, whom many of you have gotten know
quite well, is a living example of that…

There are a gazillion stories just like the ones I know of
personally, and there are a gazillion more that happen every day. All
it takes is for people to dare to be courageous and to strive to do
the best they can given the circumstances. Time and time again, we
witness adverse times bringing about growth and self awareness, and
with that, content in one’s life. That in itself, tends to be a much
more meaningful and educating experience than simply showing up and
winning every dang race without much thought or struggle.

The question for you all now is, are you courageous enough to step up
in what could be deemed as an adverse situation, and find out who you
really are??

I have a distinct feeling–as many folks I talked to today will
concur—that the fine and loving individuals who make up this team,
are indeed up to the challenge… that this particular team wants to
know just what sort of heart it has beating inside.

All the best,

Matt Finnigan

I am going to read this every day until I live up to the potential I know is burning inside of me. I have had a lot of obstacles and shortcomings and right now I have slept two nights in about 3 months and have become quite ill from it. I am going to overcome this as well as all of my other demons. I want to be like Matt and inspire and grow and take everyone I possibly can up that mountain with me. Thanks so much Matt. Little did you know how much this girl needed your advice.

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