05 February 2009 By Rachel’s

A Sabbatical?

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t updated since November. To where did the time fly away? Anyway, hand is healed, shoulder from the crash is in the works. What else? Turned 29. Canyon is four. Still working on rebuilding my body and teeth from the parasites. I am also looking for my own little apartment or little house or whatever. I love my roommate, but both Canyon and I feel it is time to find our own space. If anyone has suggestions on something that is not too outrageous, puhlease let me know!!!!! But for now, training, working, dreaming…..of warm weather and a healthy (fast little) body!

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I will always remember waking up at the age of 12 to the pain I saw in so many while simultaneously realizing how lucky I was to feel fantastic.

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