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Back Bottle Review

BackBottle in my jersey pocket!
BackBottle in my jersey pocket!

We are spoiled in our contemporary world. Generally almost anything we can think of is a simple order from an online vendor, or a short ride, run or drive to support our local shops away.  Fortunately although many think they have everything they need, there is always room for ingenious evolution. That is how I consider Brian Davis. He takes things that are survivable, or sometimes even quite good in function and value. Then he makes them better. I first met Brian when he asked me to test and write about his solution to heavy bulky multitools called Fix It Sticks— An update on mine, I continue to bring my Fix It Sticks with me every time I ride.

Brian’s latest innovative design is the BackBottle.  I had the opportunity to test it yesterday and love the design! In fact, I am currently looking for excuses to ride my bikes longer so I can bring this little gem with me every time I roll down my drive.

I’m sure you are thinking, “what exactly is a BackBottle?” I’m glad you had the thought!

In Brian’s words, “The BackBottle is a jersey friendly bottle for all cyclists, essentially combining the hydration pack with a bottle.” 

Beautifully and simply packaged with minimal (recyclable) waste

Over the past 18 years, I’ve personally raced on the road, dirt— mountain bike and ‘cross, and spent a couple years in the tri-geek world (yes I can call them that as I owned the title for longer than I will ever admit!) In each genre, many occasions arose where I needed a third bottle, or simply needed water and didn’t have water bottle cages, or a pack.  For some people simply sticking a regular water bottle in their jersey isn’t an issue. For me, I am a barely over 100 pound female. While I could squeeze a full bottle into my jersey, it would often end up digging into my spine if I had it in the center pocket, or whacking my elbow if I tried an outside pocket.  Riding my road bike yesterday with the BackBottle was perfect. On one side is flat it an angled bottom. This made it comfortable, easy to fit even into my small jersey pockets. It stayed put and kept my low back nice and cool and comfortable. Yes!

The lid comes on and off with ease–when you want it to, holds it liquid with no leaking, and is flexible and drinkable.

I highly recommend this to all of my cycling friends to try.  First for its function, and second to support an innovative idea and the person behind the design.

It is your solution to many situations:

  • ride longer without having to gas station dependent route plans
  • take a drink from your jersey pocket as quickly as a regular cage– easy in and out of jersey pockets
  • stay aero longer and avoid stopping for refills in triathlons
  • allows your eyes to stay on the road
  • be your own hydration support rather than dragging out your SO
  • reduce your waste by not buying refills on the road
  • freeze the bottle and enjoy a cool drink while keeping your core cool
  • have a bottle for cyclocross training or short rides on your mountain bike
  • replaces hydration pack when you don’t want the extra bulk or straps in the way.
Filled with fuel, leak free and ready to ride!
Filled with fuel,leak free and ready to ride!

The BackBottle combines a bottle and a hydration pack into one small, portable package, said Brian Davis, its creator. Last year I went on lots of long rides and was constantly having to adjust my route for gas stations and stops in a three hour ride. I had the idea then, but the tipping point was at a cyclocross race when I was told no hand ups were allowed, even for water. With no cages on my cross bike, I got to work.

The BackBottle allows a cyclist to easily place the bottle into a rear jersey pocket using one hand with no slowing down. The flat back of the bottle enhances comfort and minimizes roll when climbing or sprinting.

Since developing the BackBottle I started recalling times in my racing and riding where this would have been very helpful. Like cyclocross, short mountain bike rides where a pack is overkill and for being my own race support in triathlons and road races. remarked Brian. As I started reaching out to other cyclists about these situations, I realized more and more that I am not alone in these frustrations.

It is a simple idea and I am just trying to see if other cyclists can see value in the BackBottle. It is not trying to compete with bottles and packs, rather it is just another option, concluded Brian.

Uniquely Shaped bottle is perfect for jersey pockets!
Uniquely Shaped bottle is perfect for jersey pockets!

Back Bottle Specs:

  • 18 ounce capacity
  • 3 ounces empty weight
  • 8.5 inches long, 3 inches wide
  • 53mm diameter opening (yes it is ice cube friendly!)
  • wedged and ergonomic allowing easy one-hand operation
  • squeezable LDPE plastic
  • made from recyclable components (packaging #3, bottle #4, cap #5)
  • 100% BPA free– no yucky bottle taste
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • flat back minimizes roll when climbing or sprinting
  • raised ribs on the flat back allow airflow
  • top-shelf dishwasher safe

To purchase yours, go to the BackBottle site here!

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