17 June 2008 By Rachel’s

BAM Weekend!

Seems as though my race season so far is full of extreme weather patterns. Last big race, I was in searing heat in CA. This weekend was just the opposite. On Saturday at 6:30 AM I jumped into a 50 degree lake for the swim portion of the BAM Olympic distance triathlon in Deer Creek Reservoir, UT. Upon exiting the chilly water, I found I was completely numb in my hands and feet. It was a battle to get my wetsuit off with no dexterity in my freezing fingers to work with. I finally wrestled out of my wetsuit and hopped on my bike for a 40K time trial. It was 38 degrees and plus I had a soak and wet body from the swim. It was difficult to eat or drink to be ready for the run and I had to shift with the heel of my hand. At T2, I was still freezing and my hands were still so numb that it took me three times as long in transition (I couldn’t get my fingers to unbuckle my helmet or lift the straps of my bike shoes.) When I finally succeeded, I was bound and determined to have a good run. I did. At mile 4 of the 10k off-road hilly terrain, I could finally feel my feet and fingers. At this point I poured it on and finished with a 6th place in the women’s elite field.

I suppose I must have had some frustration to burn off for Sunday’s off-road duathlon. This was a 5k trail run, a 12 mile mountain bike, followed my another 5k trail run. Luckily in this race the temps were warmer and set off on a good pace. I found myself in the lead after only a mile into the first run. I rallied with one other male back and forth at the end of the bike leg, but left the 2nd transition zone for my final run leg back in the lead. I finished this race as first overall out of all the men and women! Over two minutes ahead of 2nd place who was a male! Sweet!

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