19 December 2007 By Rachel’s

Been a Few

So race report has taken me a few days to put up. Mostly as I wasn’t happy with the way my race panned out. I literally had a back row start which makes moving up 10 rows towards the front on a technical course like we had pretty difficult. I wasn’t worried and was just looking forward to a fun race against the big girls. What I didn’t plan on was there being a big crash within the first 10 seconds of the race which I fortunately did not go down in. But, I literally was forced to a complete stop, had to unclip just in time to lift my front wheel sideways as not to plow over a fallen ridder. Yep. Sometimes you learn how precious a 20 second delay is when you watch the remainder of the field ride away.
I started riding again as fast as I could and caught some girls and slowly moved up the field as much as I could. I did eventually get pulled at the end as Compton lapped much of the field. I was frustrated, but fine with the experience until later that night when I saw results posted. WTF!?! They had me listed as second to last which is completely inacurrate and sent me into an anger/frustration mode that lasted much longer than Art’s 15 minute bitch rule. Try 2 days. I didn’t protest as it was too late and even if things did get fixed, I wouldn’t have been in contention regardless, but I just hate seeing false results.
How do I feel now? I’m over it, but determined to figure out a way to go to some bigger UCI races next year after tri season’s over to pick up some points so I can get a better start placing. Also, what did I expect? I went there to freeze my little hiney off to help work pit and support my friends. I had so much fun! It was just like when I was younger and in college hanging out with a bunch of brothers. The best part is that it was back with much of the same people with a few additions and also a few I’m missing. The other thing is that I graduated from sleeping on the floor in the hotel room to a bed. There are definitely some very good things about growing up a little.
Again, the men delivered in the Sunday races. I am so proud of our Utah boys!!! Check out Art, DrX, KCCX, sites for reports on those. Still one of the highlights of the trip is when we were trying to leave for the airport. Art started the rental car, shut the door and locked the keys in. I couldn’t do much else but laugh at him as he freaked out at 4AM. Somehow I knew we’d still make the flight. We found out out difficult it is to get a lock smith to come out at 4 AM on a Monday morning with single digit temps. Luckily Art found a new talent in that he has now graduated to unlocking car doors with coat hangers. So with 55 minutes until our flight once we finally left, things had to go perfectly for us to make it. 20 mile drive no problem. Shuttle service to the terminal from rental center. Good as well. We then barely made the cut off time for checking in, had absolutely zero line at security (a miracle?) and arrived just in time to see Bart, Mitchell, and Bill chilling in the chairs waiting for the same flight. I just had to laugh.

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