09 December 2007 By Rachel’s

Best Snow Day Ever!

Man! For a girl who the hates the cold, I sure had some of the best fun I can remember in the snow yesterday. Yep it was ‘cross again. I raced the B field to start and ended up sandbaging the race. I ended wet, muddy, and numb in the toes–and very happy. Then Art came running up to me and told me I was racing the women’s A race which was in 10 minutes. So I stayed muddy, downed a Monavie gel, and did my best to thaw out the toes and headed to the start line.
So here is where my lack of technique showed its’ not so pretty face.
Getting off the bike at the barriers, no problem. Getting on the bike, by the time I even started pedaling, anyone I was with was gone and any gaps I’d made were gone as well. That much more motivation to get the skills. Luckily I had fast legs. I ended up placing 5th in the A field and finishing feeling strong. Who knew that triathlons (endurance+) would carry over so well in a ‘cross race. My other lucky thing? 6+ years commuting EVERYWHERE by bicycle because I would rather ride than work extra hours to buy a car. So snow/mud riding, no problem!! All those years I came home from riding in freezing weather, frozen to the bone, pay day is now here! Really, except for the days that I was extra tired and overtrained, I miss commuting so much it hurts. Having Canyon, at least for these first few years has changed my current mode of transportation. I look forward to the day when I can commute by bicycle again on a regular basis.
So anyway, I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. I know that Art for one had a great race right up to almost the end when his legs decided they were done early and locked up. This unkind act on his leg’s part, sent him straight into the barriers when he jumped off the bike. Needless to say, I think (hope?) he got the final part of Murphy’s law out of the way for this season. So the positive side of having a broken shifter, derailleur, and a shin bone with a goose egg the size of his knee, is the A-train proved by hanging with Bart and Ali until his barrier/mud session, his fitness is now officially back–just in time for a rip’n time at Nationals next week!
So anyway, Mr. Ohran, thank you so much for creating the Utah cyclocross series! I appreciate so much all of the work You, Jon, Flahute, Bruce, Gardie, etc., etc., put into helping so many people get out and have the most fun ever in cold, often nasty conditions. You guys are awesome. Oh ya, thanks Art for dragging me out to my first race. I think you’ve created a ‘cross monster—another addition to this girl’s two-wheeled obsessions/addictions! Sorry everyone–not really!

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