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  • XTERRA Nationals Running Prep!

    Rachel Cieslewicz 2010 Trail Running Clinics Prep FOR XTERRA 2010 Note. This coming week will be the 3rd of 6 clinics. If you are interested in coming to 1 or all of the final 3, let me know and I will prorate your cost of clinic. They have been so much fun and educational. Otherwise […]

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  • Miles and Smiles :)

    How is it that the more miles I am able to run, soar through time on my bike, and fly and drive to races in amazing place = joy, happiness, freedom and bliss? How is it that the more I help others live their dreams, feel good in their bodies, believe in their own amazing […]

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  • Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

    Animals and children know something about sleep adults seem to forget. Learn from them! Diet, the perfect training plan, massage, icing, mind strength. The list goes on and on. These are all incredibly important aspects to help one reach their athletic potential. Often, one of the key ingredients we don’t take seriously until it is […]

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  • Yoga On the Road

    One of the things I love the most about traveling is that I take the opportunity to check out different yoga studios.¬† I believe that my practice has become very well rounded because I seek out so many different teachers and styles.¬† Of course my favorites have always been Astanga and intense vinyasa flow as […]

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  • Slowing Down Can Make You Fast

    I just returned from a fantastic weekend where I drove with a good friend to Ketchum Idaho for the final La Sportiva Mountain running series race. Before I get going on this, I will say that this company and everyone I have ever met whom is associated with it is absolutely amazing. Youthful, happy, strong, […]

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  • Innovative Running Shoes

    As a long time competitive runner, I have had my share of running injuries. Over the years I finally realized that it was often due to equipment not being suitable for my feet. I have a unique stride and foot strike I have worked to perfect over the years. I land on my forefoot and […]

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