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  • Hire Your NewAgeAthlete Coach To Realize Your Athletic and Life Success

    Utilizing your NewAgeAthlete coach will help you attain a healthy and fit body. This can be a defining factor in realizing a successful life. A key way for many to find this is by reaching athletic potential. Athletes tend to be focused, disciplined and highly motivated to achieve their goals. The circle is beautiful. By […]

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  • Christmas Prep

    Wow. I can’t believe it is almost Christmas. This year has been super fun preparing for it as my four year old son, Canyon, finally gets it and is sooooo excited! I have never bought a tree before, but he really wanted one, so during a break from work I went out and got one. […]

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  • Down and Out

    I have celebrated and cherished the last couple of months finally seeing health, fitness, and my inner light improve. Everything has been going up! This last Wednesday put another dent in my progress. I worked early in the morning from 5-9 AM, went on a fabulous 8 mile tempo run and then went home to […]

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  • Moving Forward :)

    One thing I have learned in life is all things change. It is a universal law. Many things I gladly let go, while others I clung to with tears in my heart and a stinging to my eyes. I have watched my life change drastically over the last couple of years. My son’s father left […]

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  • Believe

    This is a picture of me last July right after the Downieville bike race in California. So dirty, so tired, so happy and full of life. I miss that strength. I miss that shining light. All I wanted to do was smile. It was my favorite part of me. Now pictures of me show no […]

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  • Coming Back

    Since last July, I have had a difficult time all of the way around. From being debilitated by parasites and injuries through the last half of 2008 to finally realizing I am not invincible in the first half of 2009. Wow. What do I have to go on? My immune system and my teeth seem […]

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