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  • Improve your sport through Mindfulness

    Mindfulness For Athletes  Mindfulness can be defined and applied in various ways. The general definition is connecting as a way to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, to our surrounding environment. Research and case studies provide evidence overwhelmingly showing mindfulness can, and perhaps should, be applied to all situations and moments of life. The outcome leads […]

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  • Mindful Integration in Sport and Life!

    Mindful Integration in Sport and Life!  How would you like to improve your training, racing, work and family life in a flawlessly integrated and balanced manner? You can learn to be mindful and experience presence, while living with strength from your happy heart with New Age Athlete coaches. In addition to thorough knowledge and experience in endurance athletics, New Age […]

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  • A Little about Me

    From a distance most people see me as an outgoing, energetic, over the top, out of control running, biking, yoga loving, single mom…. whom doesn’t know when to stop. Yes this can be true. But did you know that I am one of the most inward thinking souls I have ever met? No wonder I […]

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  • ESPN article about me

    ESPN women recently interview me about my interesting running history.  Here is the link.

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  • The Tao of Rachel…racing

    On rare occasion I am able to start writing about my race experience before I race. Today is like that. I continue to be amazed at how I get to my events. Today I owe it to many as always for getting me here.  Two weeks ago I injured my left leg and SI joint […]

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  • A Beautiful Day

    You know those days that are so flawless, amazing, surreal? When you have to keep checking if you are dreaming or if this is really happening? Saturday was one of those. I have been training intensely all summer running and biking, yoga and Pilates, nutrition, visualization, breath, you name it. This last weekend everything came […]

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