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  • Running to Freedom

      Everyone is lucky. Each of us is fortunate to be given the lives we have. Of course,¬†all of the joy, torment, love, anger and everything else that comes with it, may at times lead us to feel the opposite. Yet notice how it is the discomfort in our lives that leads us to crack […]

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  • Moving Forward :)

    One thing I have learned in life is all things change. It is a universal law. Many things I gladly let go, while others I clung to with tears in my heart and a stinging to my eyes. I have watched my life change drastically over the last couple of years. My son’s father left […]

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  • End of March?

    Ok. Now this is getting crazy. My year is flying by and I seem to have missed the break. I am working on bridging back and getting on board. I am creating a cool website for athletes looking for healthy holistic alternatives to all of the disconnecting craziness out there and to bring one back […]

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  • A Sabbatical?

    Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t updated since November. To where did the time fly away? Anyway, hand is healed, shoulder from the crash is in the works. What else? Turned 29. Canyon is four. Still working on rebuilding my body and teeth from the parasites. I am also looking for my own little apartment […]

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  • Climbing Back Up

    Okay, so I am having a difficult time. Again. Peaks and valleys. I love riding the peaks so much! When you hit the valley floor, and look up at the mountain you’ve got to climb, sometimes it seems impossible. I put so much responsibility on myself. Be a great mom. Be a great racer. Be […]

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  • Land Rover G4 Nevada Passage Challenge!

    Wow! I am the luckiest girl on the face of the planet! Check it out here. Today before the big competition actually started, we spent the whole time learning how to use these off-road beauties the right way. I never thought I could learns so much about navigation, off-road driving, how to work a winch […]

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