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  • Fix It Stix Guy, Brian Davis, Now Brings Us the Weatherneck

    I always find it comforting to know there are innovative people out there creating a better life for others. It is especially exciting if they are helping to make cycling more comfortable. There is one such person I am enjoying very much writing reviews for, in the name of his amazing products. Based on my latest cold-ish […]

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  • Back Bottle Review

    We are spoiled in our contemporary world. Generally almost anything we can think of is a simple order from an online vendor, or a short ride, run or drive to support our local shops away.  Fortunately although many think they have everything they need, there is always room for ingenious evolution. That is how I […]

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  • Fix it Sticks Review–minimalist is a very good thing

    Fix it Sticks Review–minimalist is a very good thing

    I’ve been riding bicycles since I could walk. I commuted as my only means of transportation for over 6 years. I began racing when I was 19 and continue to this day as a member of DNA p/b Plan7 Women’s Team.  Needless to say, I have more than a few miles on the road and played with my share of tools.

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  • Hoka One One Review

    Hoka One One

    Hoka Distance summit 2

    Preparing for a road run at the USTAF distance summit in California

    I love to run. I am a lifetime toe runner whom has had to train my gait to land with a  mid-foot strike.  I suppose it is the result of growing up dancing.  For years I did most of my running in race flats or barefoot as I struggled to find shoes to fit the way my feet liked to move.

    When the barefoot and minimalist running shoe movement started, I found myself right at home in a variety of low profile, made for my way of it, style footwear.  I have spent years perfecting my running form. Despite running very efficiently with very good bio-mechanics, I race and train on enough extreme terrain, that my feet and joints overtime have struggled greatly due to impact over the long run, amidst a broad variety of obstacles.


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