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  • TRANSROCKIES RUN Alumni, 2017 Registration is August 1, 9:00AM

    TransRockies Run Alumni, August 1, 9:00AM will be a very special moment. What? Yes! With the spectacular popularity of TransRockies Run, it is becoming more important to sign up for your favorite stage race early. If you are alumni, you are in luck! Registration will open for the 2017 best summer camp for adults ever […]

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  • Running to Freedom

      Everyone is lucky. Each of us is fortunate to be given the lives we have. Of course,¬†all of the joy, torment, love, anger and everything else that comes with it, may at times lead us to feel the opposite. Yet notice how it is the discomfort in our lives that leads us to crack […]

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  • Moab Bike News — November Issue

    11/6/2014 Moab Bike News After a brilliant Saturday of Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, perusing the simpler trails in the Klondike Trail System of Moab, loving the fact that a new footpath has opened, so the non-biking family members could enjoy access from a single parking lot in the backcountry, have to shout, Hail! […]

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  • And it Just Keeps Getting Better

    Picture of Trey, the PR dude of XTERRA and a super awesome friend!Last Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of racing the XDURO half marathon trail run up Wheeler Canyon to Snowbasin Resort. This was in conjunction with the XTERRA triathlon nationals. Nationals moved to my home state of Utah from Tahoe this year. Even […]

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  • Jupiter Peak Weekend

    Just like my beloved and very much missed triathlons, I am falling in love with the trail running scene. This year has been a very tough one with injuries, illness, etc. But, the contrast to the moments of joy and peace and excitement that are beginning to fill my life once again have so much […]

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  • End of March?

    Ok. Now this is getting crazy. My year is flying by and I seem to have missed the break. I am working on bridging back and getting on board. I am creating a cool website for athletes looking for healthy holistic alternatives to all of the disconnecting craziness out there and to bring one back […]

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