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  • Fix It Stix Guy, Brian Davis, Now Brings Us the Weatherneck

    I always find it comforting to know there are innovative people out there creating a better life for others. It is especially exciting if they are helping to make cycling more comfortable. There is one such person I am enjoying very much writing reviews for, in the name of his amazing products. Based on my latest cold-ish […]

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  • Improve your sport through Mindfulness

    Mindfulness For Athletes  Mindfulness can be defined and applied in various ways. The general definition is connecting as a way to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, to our surrounding environment. Research and case studies provide evidence overwhelmingly showing mindfulness can, and perhaps should, be applied to all situations and moments of life. The outcome leads […]

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  • Mindful Integration in Sport and Life!

    Mindful Integration in Sport and Life!  How would you like to improve your training, racing, work and family life in a flawlessly integrated and balanced manner? You can learn to be mindful and experience presence, while living with strength from your happy heart with New Age Athlete coaches. In addition to thorough knowledge and experience in endurance athletics, New Age […]

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  • Back Bottle Review

    We are spoiled in our contemporary world. Generally almost anything we can think of is a simple order from an online vendor, or a short ride, run or drive to support our local shops away.  Fortunately although many think they have everything they need, there is always room for ingenious evolution. That is how I […]

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  • Hire Your NewAgeAthlete Coach To Realize Your Athletic and Life Success

    Utilizing your NewAgeAthlete coach will help you attain a healthy and fit body. This can be a defining factor in realizing a successful life. A key way for many to find this is by reaching athletic potential. Athletes tend to be focused, disciplined and highly motivated to achieve their goals. The circle is beautiful. By […]

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  • Moab Bike News — November Issue

    11/6/2014 Moab Bike News After a brilliant Saturday of Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, perusing the simpler trails in the Klondike Trail System of Moab, loving the fact that a new footpath has opened, so the non-biking family members could enjoy access from a single parking lot in the backcountry, have to shout, Hail! […]

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