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Christmas Prep

Wow. I can’t believe it is almost Christmas. This year has been super fun preparing for it as my four year old son, Canyon, finally gets it and is sooooo excited! I have never bought a tree before, but he really wanted one, so during a break from work I went out and got one. Tree, stand, lights, ornaments. Yikes! That was expensive. I wanted to have it up and ready for him to decorate when I took him home from daycare as a surprise. Trying to put the tree into the stand, and get it upright and straight was a big job for me. I finally got it in, stood back and it was still crooked. In the meantime I filled a huge gallon pitcher of water, came back to adjust it, and somehow managed to knock the entire thing over on top of me. I knocked over the water in the process. Ugh. By the time I got the tree back up, decided I loved it crooked, cleaned up water and pine needles from everywhere, I barely had time to make it back to work. Made me start to lament that I had to be the mom and the dad for him. Just for a moment though. It is okay. It made it all worth it though when I brought Canyon home later that evening and he told me it was the most beautiful tree in the world. Almost made me cry. He is so great!

Santa is another story. Which leads me to yet another example of how much I love and appreciate all of my incredible clients. Brent Lorimer whom I personal train and give massage, asked me if he could visit Canyon as Santa. Of course! What a surprise for him when Santa came bursting through the door yesterday along with an Irish elf. They were so funny. They told Canyon they lived in Ireland now as the North Pole was getting too cold for his old bones. He even spoke with an Irish accent. He was great. He teased Canyon and myself (especially on my inability to figure out my camera), laughed a great laugh and told Canyon exactly how he liked his cookies and milk. Canyon has been reminding me of that one ever since! I think he made both of our days. Thanks Brent!

Other than that, Christmas for me has come so fast. I am healed from my previous injury to my pubic bone with my bike, I have been through another root canal, raced a world Championship and placed 7th female overall! You can read about that on my New Age Athlete site. I didn’t end up racing cyclocross nationals unfortunately as my time away from my son once I returned from Hawaii was growing too long for both of us. Now, I am working a lot, resting for next season, and dreaming and planning of all of the wonderful things to come in 2010. I just turned 30 on the 12th of this month. I made a promise to myself that my 30’s were going to be the best ever. I am so excited for everything!

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