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Creating Peace

Melanie Fryar

I need to make an addendum and apology about my Nueces 25k post. In my race I had an experience with someone I thought was inconsiderate and too aggressive. What I found out to be the truth is she accidentally pushed me off the trail. She had no idea it had happened. It is a great reminder to me that there are always at least two sides to a story and my side is not always right.

Joe Prusaitis, whom by the way puts on incredible races all of the way around. sadly got put in the middle of it as I brought to his attention what had happened. What I want to do is thank Joe for connecting the two of us together and allowing us the space to talk and figure it out. Luckily we both readily agreed. Melanie and I proceeded to have a great conversation and I found out that what I thought, was, is the complete opposite. She is kind, is an amazing runner but, didn’t realize she came across as a bit overly aggressive.

In actually speaking with Melanie, I realized that I hope to see her soon and want to become great friends with her. She has a beautiful heart, works hard, and runs for a great cause. She also has  a delightful writing style as seen on her blog

Thank you very much Joe and Melanie for being the kind of human beings that I strive towards. You share a great passion for my running and I love it that you give so much to our sport!

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