16 November 2007 By Rachel’s


Well, I figure since I felt this one coming on for a while and I just knew I couldn’t get sick before 70.3 Worlds (felt pretty awesome!), I can make it go away too. It’s been 3 days and I’m totally over having to cancel clients and miss out on awesome rides, runs, etc. while the weather is still decent. Art tells me it’s my body’s way of forcing me to rest since otherwise I wouldn’t. I say I rested enough and I’m ready to rally and get my life going again! So, by Saturday, I’d better be 100%. How else am I going to go kick some tail in the Pocatello x race tri-geek style? I’ll let you know if mind over matter works in this case…

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I will always remember waking up at the age of 12 to the pain I saw in so many while simultaneously realizing how lucky I was to feel fantastic.

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