10 July 2008 By Rachel’s

Delayed 4th Report….sigh……

My Perfect Little Angel
Time just runs away with me sometimes. Ok. Almost all of the time. I feel as though I wake up each morning. Run around like a crazy and before I know it it’s night and I literally pass out the moment I lay down. Unless I start thinking to much…..

Anyway. The 4th was great. Spent the morning with my brother down in Happy Valley. They are moving to Hawaii in a few weeks and man am I jealous! I love Hawaii. One day maybe…. Anyway, it was great for Canyon to spend time with his cousins. He slept overnight there and got to watch the fireworks. This was great for me as I had a mountain bike race in Solitude in the morning and it was so nice not to be begging someone to watch him while I raced. I actually even got a bit of a warm-up!

Again I was opposite girl. I schooled the climb and then got waxed on the downhill sections. One of these days I am going to learn how to rally the downhill. I’m much better than last year, but if I want to win, I’ve got to get rid of my chickens! Anyway. I ended up fourth. Not too bad for a tri-geek!
Playing at the park after the Solitude Race
What’s next? Downieville Classic Mtb Race in Northern California. If doing this race doesn’t show my determination to master my downhill skills (or at least prove I’m nuts?) nothing will. I raced it last year and had a similar experience as I climbed like a pro and descended, I don’t even want to admit how slow it was. Let’s just say I was having fantasies of throwing my bike off the mountain and running to the finish. I swore I’d never go back. Man I forget fast! Stay tuned for this result. Hopefully it will be much better. If not, I suppose I could take the highest bidder in teaching me how to go downhill at least as fast as I ride up?

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