26 October 2009 By Rachel’s

Down and Out

I have celebrated and cherished the last couple of months finally seeing health, fitness, and my inner light improve. Everything has been going up! This last Wednesday put another dent in my progress. I worked early in the morning from 5-9 AM, went on a fabulous 8 mile tempo run and then went home to hop on my road bike for a couple hours. The ride went well and I was on my way home when my bike malfunctioned.

I was at an intersection at a red light balancing in my pedals. The light turned green and I powered hard to get on top of my gears. A few strokes into it and all of a sudden my forward motion turned into a crazy propulsion clear across the busy intersection. How I didn’t get hit or hit a car or go down all the way? Skills, or help or I don’t know. When I came to a stop still upright, I noticed a severe pain in my pubic bone. I limped over to the side of the road to check out the bike damage.

Apparently my lock ring on my cassette cracked thus allowing the cassette to come loose. This in turn threw my chain (I thought it broke, but nope) at exactly the wrong time. Somehow even with searing pain in my groin, I rode my bike the last couple of miles home. When I took my bike shorts off, I was appalled to find they were soaked in blood. So I was off the the ER. Again. Hours later, with over two inches of stitches sewn into the flesh below my public bone, I went home.

The next morning I somehow worked, no workout though. Went to the miracle chiropractor Greg Freebairn (best I have ever been to by the way) where he put both of my SI joints, back, neck, femur, and pubic ramus back into place. Friday I worked a full day. By the end of the day I was hurting more than ever. In my efforts to massage and train and take care of my son and many of the people I love, it led to the muscles around my back and pelvis to completely lock. Friday night I decided it would definitely be a good idea to go to a weekend yoga seminar I had planned to attend. I made it through about 20 minutes of it before my body locked up so hard that I had to lay down the next two hours and could hardly get up to go home. Saturday I was flat on my back with ice packs all day. I started to worry that I had fractured my pelvis in my accident. I certainly hit my top tube hard enough. Ironically the pain I felt the most was not in my pubic area but in my low back and sacrum. Today I received some much needed body work. The back still really hurts and I can barely walk. But, I can stand up straight.

I have never had an injury where swimming, biking, running, yoga, walking, basically everything is out. I am beginning to panic. I have Xduro worlds in Hawaii Dec 6. I have cyclocross nationals in Bend, Oregon Dec 10-13. I am out of commission. I am doing my best to stay positive, breathe, put good nutrients into my body, sleep, and intention a miracle that I will be back running and biking with a completely healthy body in time to be ready for my races.

Breathe, focus on the highest good happening, appreciate what I do have, love and accept the help that is being offered by so many caring friends to me. Thoughts become things I believe. So I intention my body to come back soon ready to go fast and strong and light! Thank you everyone who has shown me encouragement and offered me help. It has helped me so very much!

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