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Draper and Sundance ICUP Races

So, I suppose my ADHD personality leans into into all areas of my life. Most call me crazy, others, the definition of ADHD ,with Ohran as the ADD poster child. The fact that we live in the same household at the moment? Hmmmm…..I think I feel right at home! But I could also think of it as I’m just super interested in many things and don’t like to miss out on anything that sounds exciting. So, I try to do it all. Sometimes it is awesome and others, well, I pay for it.

So as of late, this is showing up big time in my athletic career. Although I still declare myself a tri-geek, even that has evolved. My love of road has transitioned into a lust for the off-road tri (Xterra) scene. But then, just straight trail runs are sure fun as I learned last year with the Xterra trail run series. And yet, my Monavie/Cannondale team and Art have brought me back full circle where my bicycle racing all began years ago into the mountain biking scene. I think what it ultimately comes down to is I love to be outside (hopefully in sunshine) enjoying nature, pushing my body to its max, and I suppose everything that goes along with it. Oh ya, and it hopefully involves a pair of running shoes and/or a sexy bicycle

So last week was mountain bike race week. I raced at the Draper ICUP expert level. I was still feeling not quite 100% from my Temecula HOT Xterra race. Even with dead legs, I was able to out climb most. But then on the downhill, my roadie skills showed up. Luckily this race has SO much climbing, that I still finished a strong 2nd!

Sundance on Saturday was a slightly different story. There is just not quite enough climbing as compared to down hill single track to allow me to make up the time. In this race, I finished 5th. I am determined to get my technical skills mastered–or just end my love/hate relationship with my brakes! When I do, who knows what that will evolve to next!

BTW, next week I will be foregoing the ICUP race in favor of an Xterra trail run and then my favorite roadie criterium at Sugarhouse Park! I am so excited! What I really wish was that the ICUP was on a different day so I could do all three. Ya, I’m a spoiled little thing!

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