24 March 2009 By Rachel’s

End of March?

Ok. Now this is getting crazy. My year is flying by and I seem to have missed the break. I am working on bridging back and getting on board. I am creating a cool website for athletes looking for healthy holistic alternatives to all of the disconnecting craziness out there and to bring one back into their body in order to reach their greatest potentials. It will give its humble debut in a few weeks. Working on taxes, hanging out with my cutest little boy in the whole world, giving massage,teaching yoga and pilates, running, and riding, and my own yoga practice…..and on and on.

Notice I didn’t put swimming? Yep. That was not a mistake. I am switching gears this year for sure and putting a huge X on my tri’s for a while. It has been a tough decision, but this little body of mine needs some more TLC. At this point I am planning to get back into them within a year or two, but in the mean time, I am giving trail running a real go. Plans are to race as many as I can of the La Sportiva mountain trail series as well as to hit some Xterra Xduros and end with nationals and worlds there. For biking, I am finally getting some sweet help with my skills and am going to have a great time mixing it up in the dirt this year all the way around. Sooooo……..that is that. First race is coming soon. Super psyched to get it rolling.

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