Rachel CEndurance Coaching Our premier and experienced New Age Athlete coaches are the best of the best. Each have years of high-end personal racing experience and education, along with huge successes coaching and mentoring athletes of all abilities.  We specialize in cycling and running, both road and trail. Our coaches expertly weave science and integrative knowledge into perfectly designed training programs created just for you. Your end goal, or course, is always in mind. You are guaranteed personal attention and great results with your New Age Athlete coach.  As a New Age Athlete client,  you have the easy ability to communicate with your coach as needed to specifically answer questions and address other requirements, ensuring the greatest chance for success in all of your endurance endeavors.




Communication on demand
Highly customized training plan
Log analysis daily
Premier Coach
Training Peaks Premier
On demand adjustments to schedule
Performance Testing 4x Year

$475/ month


Communication 2x weekly
Customized training plan
Log analysis weekly
Premier Coach
Training Peaks Premier
Weekly adjustments to schedule
Performance Testing 2x Year

$240/ month


Communication 1x weekly
Tailored training plan
Log analysis monthly
Premier Coach
Training Peaks Premier
Monthly adjustments to schedule

$185/ month

Remember when you said, “this is a lot of information. You’re not going to remember it all but the key things you need will stick out”  You were right! Your advice on getting up and down hills easily was spot on. I’ve got from a flat 10 minute mile to a 7:30-8:50 minute mile just since we met! And I started eating calories more on my long runs and I’m not running ragged like before! I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough! You’re such a great person, amazing runner with such a pure soul. Thank you for taking time for me!

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