08 February 2008 By Rachel’s

First Run

So today I decided that I was either going to go crazy or try to run. I decided that since I’m already completely nuts, that I had better try the run. I prepared my poor rear as best I could. I took Advil (more drugs?). Before Canyon woke up, I went out to the snowbanks when no one was around–at least as far as I could tell, dropped my pants and sat in to ice until my butt was beyond numb. I know that sounds crazy, but it is certainly one thing I appreciate the snow for is instant ice packs. Ya, my rear felt good after that–or maybe it stayed numb long enough that I thought it was better? Anyway after that and a good stretch, I decided I was ready to run. After I took Canyon to school, I met up with Art and his new cute little pest, for a short run around Liberty Park. I was slow, protective, and in a little pain, but hey, I ran. I can’t wait until I’m better. Afterwards I did an hour death sentence spin on my trainer in Art’s basement staring at his pipes and counting the number of times I clubbed Lucy in the face with my pedal. Does she really forget that fast, or does she like being wacked?

So tonight? I am a little sore, but my mental/emotional side feels very, very, good.

Can’t wait for the next run, and the next, and the next!

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I will always remember waking up at the age of 12 to the pain I saw in so many while simultaneously realizing how lucky I was to feel fantastic.

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