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Fix it Sticks Review–minimalist is a very good thing

Ive been riding bicycles since I could walk. I commuted as my only means of transportation for over 6 years. I began racing when I was 19 and continue to this day as a member of DNA p/b Plan7 Womens Team.  Needless to say, I have more than a few miles on the road and played with my share of tools.

In line with my leave a small footprint mindset, I have a tendency to love supporting grass roots minimalist businesses with big genius ideas.  The most recent Ive come across is calledFix It Sticks They make a simple product, yet for the average cyclist it perfect for minor uses. Fix it sticks allows me to make on the fly  adjustments, as it is one of the most user friendly, lightest (51g), functional multi- tools Ive had the pleasure of playing with over the last few weeks.


I received these clever tools just in time for my new road bike to arrive.  With a new ride, in addition to a refit on my time trial bike, Ive constantly been in micro adjustment mode while out training to dial the fit. Typically my pockets would be filled with my Pedros wrenches, favorite multi-tool and a 3-way wrench to loosen and tighten tiny bolts dozens of times.  One ride with the Fix It Sticks and I left everything else at home. No more three-hour rides with clanking tools weighing me down. With Fix it Sticks, I simply slid the two 4 x ½   pieces into my jersey pocket and away I rolled.

The pieces fit together perfectly in about two seconds.  The T-handle created allows me to easily adjust and tweak with the perfect sized hex bits of #4, #5, #6 and a Philips head for cleats.  When these perfect tools roll out to the marketplace, I fully recommend getting a set for the road and one at the bench, as you will find they are handy for many uses.  Thanks Brian for creating the perfect tool for a two-wheeled loving girl!


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