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Fix It Stix Guy, Brian Davis, Now Brings Us the Weatherneck

Trails a quick 5 mile ride across the valley from my home
Trails a quick 5 mile ride across the valley from my home

I always find it comforting to know there are innovative people out there creating a better life for others. It is especially exciting if they are helping to make cycling more comfortable. There is one such person I am enjoying very much writing reviews for, in the name of his amazing products. Based on my latest cold-ish weather experiences, I am once again sounding my applause!

Yes it is true, the Fix It Stix guy, Brian Davis, now brings us the Weatherneck! I received my Weatherneck just in time for a weekend of great cold desert rides. In my current city of St. George, Utah, it gets cold. At least to me. I understand it gets much colder in many places. But when one is not adapted to the tundra biome, 20-40 degree Fahrenheit days are beyond chilly. Such was a day after a recent winter rain/light snow system left perfectly tacky trails and a colorful view in all directions. This was perfect for a test of Brian’s latest invention.

The Weatherneck easily packs smaller than my Garmin!
The Weatherneck easily packs smaller than my Garmin!

I rode from my home on a mostly downhill journey to one of my favorite local trails. Normally my eyes would be teary, while my nose runs freely. I pedal as fast as my legs will take me to warm-up my core and scramble to the climbing parts as soon as possible. This day was better than any in recent memory. Why? I had on my face a soft, easy to place, easy to take off, Weatherneck face and neck protector. It is like a balaclava (no over the head part), except much easier to take off with just one hand. No stopping, and no suffering when the overheating might otherwise take place. My Weatherneck performed perfectly when I needed it for my chilly commute across the valley and I was able to easily pull it off to stow in my jersey pocket with grace. Once I had completed the initial 2 mile climb with just shy of 1,000 feet of elevation gain, I was warm! I easily pulled from the front my Weatherneck off, rolled it into a ball and stuffed it into my pocket. There was no stopping or being blinded by trying to pull it over my head.

My husband enjoying the epic views
My husband enjoying the epic views

The initial added warmth to the vital neck area and my face for the first 40 minutes allowed me to stay warmer than usual as I continued on with my three hour dirt therapy session. The ride was a win. So is the Weatherneck! I recommend you get one today if you want a fantastic solution for staying warmer pedaling in cold weather conditions.

Check them out yourself! The best way to do it is to support his Kickstarter campaign here.  In the meantime, here is what he has to say about it:



Brian Davis, Creator of Fix It Sticks & BackBottle to Kickstart The Weatherneck

The Weatherneck is a re-imagined bandana designed for action in the outdoors.

Unknown-5APPLETON, Wis.  January 7th, 2016- Combining qualities from bandanas, neck gaiters and face shields The Weatherneck utilizes unique design elements which are centered on being active in the outdoors. The Weatherneck is a result of my frustration with finding a proper neck warmer for cycling. I love having a bit fabric around my neck to keep the wind out, but after I get warmed up, I sometimes overheat and I just want to take that thing off! Said Brian Davis, creator of The Weatherneck. I tried other products but they were too tight, too loose, too thick or not removable. It wasnt until I used magnets that I could resize and remove it. Along with finding the right fabrics, it makes for a great solution to my frustrations.

Brian is the "Guy!"
Brian is the “Guy!”

The Weatherneck is made in the USA. It uses technical fabrics to provide a quick, quiet, clean and comfortable face shield/neck warmer. It has thicker, moisture wicking fabric on each side to block wind and keep skin dry, and incorporates a center mesh section for full breathability.Unknown-8

Velcro is an obvious method for attachment, but its loud, gets dirty and fails, so I started experimenting with magnets. Magnets have theirVelcro is an obvious method for attachment, but its loud, gets dirty and fails, so I started experimenting with magnets. Magnets have their own personalities, but it provides more flexibility. Brian went on to talk about the re-sizing process. The magnets allow custom size adjustment. By folding over one side, you can shorten The Weatherneck allowing for a nice tight fit or leave it loose around your neck depending on weather and preference.


The 30-day Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of $7,000, launched January 12th 2016. The funds will support the first production run of The Weatherneck. The campaign offers 9 printed styles and two levels of support, Priority and Standard. Priority backers will get early shipping from a pre-production batch of The Weatherneck in February 2016 for $25. Standard delivery is slated for March 2016 and will start at $20. Further discounts are offered as amount of backing increases.

Besides cycling, being able to quickly and quietly remove, resize and apply The Weatherneck lends itself to skiing, snowboarding, hunting, running and even tactical applications. Im absolutely happy with The Weatherneck for cycling, but I am curious to get the reaction from other sports, concluded Brian.

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