19 November 2007 By Rachel’s

Flip Side

So everything typically has its opposite, right? Well I guess I just had to complain about my Saturday for everything to change course (or maybe just my attitude?) for the better. Saturday evening I dropped Canyon off with Scott and headed up towards Alta to give massages to some awesome friends/clients of mine, the Hoffs. Double bonus-my brother and his family were there and I got to catch up with them. Here’s the thing about the Hoff family. They are some of the most generous, real, happy, positive, fun-loving people on the planet. Anytime I’m around them or their friends, I can’t help but feel and be the same!

Sunday–that much better! I did yoga for an hour and a half first thing. Good. Went on a perfect bikeride up Emigration Canyon with Art–Wow!!! I hated the canyon for the 2 years (it seems) it took them to fix the road, but man is it awesome now! Not to mention perfect weather in the 60’s. Is it really Novemeber?

Unfortunately we got back too late for me to meet up and swim with the Judge kids. I was pretty worked at that point anyway–Yep, I am trying to learn that 3-4 hours of workouts daily is plenty (or sometimes none), not 6-8 like I used to do. Yes I do still test that sometimes. Yes I do pay for it every time!
Then I spent the rest of the day spending time with good company and went and picked up Canyon at 6 from his dad and headed up to canyon to home.
Today–I’d like a repeat of yesterday please!

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