15 August 2008 By Rachel’s

Game On!

Wow! I have been soooo incredibly busy lately, I hardly have had time to blink. So hopefully the miracle has happened and I will be healthy enough to race on Saturday for the Xterra Mountain Region Championship! I feel so out of shape! I haven’t run a step for almost a month, haven’t had time to swim for a week and last bike ride was Monday! Good Grief.

But, at this point I am going so stir crazy, I feel as though I could compete in a full Ironman and win just with the craziness in my head of wanting to go hard. Could be a perfect recipe for a great race! As long as my leg holds up and I play smart, oh ya and hopefully haven’t added too much girth to my belly not being able to keep up with my usual late summer regime, I just might pull off a good one! I’ll let you know how it goes. Oh ya, and I’ll also update on what I have been doing the last few weeks. Of course it has been a 90 mile an hour whirlwind of craziness. Oh ya, and I’ll also have a picture show to go with it….

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