02 May 2008 By Rachel’s

Gearing Up

So my dear friend Kyle brought up to me a couple of weeks ago as I spoke with him from the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, that for being a single mother with no money, I sure seem to get to a lot of places. Yes I do. It is funny how when you set your mind to something, that the universe does provide a way. So here I am, home for a couple of weeks and packing to leave. Again. This time the distance is closer, but a whole new adventure none the less! I will leave early Saturday AM and stop west of Lehi and race Five Mile Pass, expert level and then head with Canyon to my parents in St. George. A day of hellos and a quick goodbye, and I am off again to Henderson, NV. Canyon will stay with Pop-Pop and Iggy (little brother’s iguana Canyon thinks is a dinosaur 🙂 —he is so funny!) and my mom while I go to race in the Land Rover G4 Nevada Passage Challenge.
This will be my first shot at at adventure racing!!! It is a slightly different (okay, very different format) than a typical adventure race, but I am soooooo excited and nervous and scared to death to go and do it!!!! It will have 10 teams of 1 male and 1 female whom they paired up–I have yet to meet my partner. It is from May 5-9 with television interviews the day before and the day after it ends. We are being issued Land Rovers and most of our other gear, clothing, etc. I’m hoping that if I say pretty please and smile real big they let me keep mine? That would be cool, but probably not!
So, yet again, this little mommy does get around. How lucky am I? VERY!!!!

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