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Improve your sport through Mindfulness


Mindfulness For Athletes 

Mindfulness can be defined and applied in various ways. The general definition is connecting as a way to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, to our surrounding environment. Research and case studies provide evidence overwhelmingly showing mindfulness can, and perhaps should, be applied to all situations and moments of life. The outcome leads to clarity and ultimate positive momentum. Imagine now if you could do this during training and competition. It would change your game completely!

Mindfulness is described as slowing down time to each present moment, creating the opportunity for intelligent conscious action to take place. This leads to greater work place success and continuity, athletes performing more often in the zone and overall greater happiness. Perceived balance is felt in all aspects of life due to mindfulness practices. Just because your relationship to time slows down, it does not mean you do! It means you hone your ability to see each moment as it comes to improve agility, increase speed, strength, health and overall wellbeing.

A myriad of approachable mindfulness techniques exist that fit into your schedule and daily rhythm. Each individual or team may respond best to different practices. This is based on information gathered concerning their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, past and present influences, along with short-term and long-term goals and evolutionary intentions.

Levitation In B&W

If you feel as though you are stuck on a plateau and can’t seem to get any better, New Age Athlete coaches are knowledgable and practice mindfulness techniques daily with great results. They are also skilled to teach them to you! Each of our coached athletes are taught mindfulness practices as part of their coaching packages. We do offer mindfulness training only as well. Please contact New Age Athlete to discuss how we can help you as an individual, or give your team an edge.

Here are select examples of mindfulness practices New Age Athlete will teach you, which can create conscious positive movement for willing practitioners:

  • Consistent meditation practice. As little as two minutes a session provide deep benefit.
    • Custom guided created just for you based on your needs
    • Concentration
    • Active
    • Mantra
  • Pranayama directly translates to breath control or stretching of breath. Like all quality mindfulness practices, pranayama is one s
    elf-empowering approach to mindfulness. Benefits include:

    • Clarity of mind
    • Inner and outer health and fulfillment, and weight loss
    • Defined purpose, intention, and direction
    • Improve your ability to breath and circulate blood and energy when under stress
    • Pranayama can be practiced anywhere at any time
    • Help you to surpass your edge and step into a new level of greatness
  • Body Scans
    • Leads to overall body and situational awareness
  • Mindful journaling and goal setting
  • Mind Mapping and bridging techniques
  • Yoga, specifically for your body or sport
  • Mindful exercising
  • Mindful negotiating of contracts and other otherwise stressful situations

Each athlete and team has uniquely different needs. It is important to select and practice correctly the appropriate mindful activities, in order to ensure success. A highly qualified mentor/coach Attractive Man Breathing Outdooris advised to create and assist your program. This can be achieved in person, or in many cases through interviews, Skype and other. Please contact New Age Athlete now to get started.

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