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Innovative Running Shoes

As a long time competitive runner, I have had my share of running injuries. Over the years I finally realized that it was often due to equipment not being suitable for my feet. I have a unique stride and foot strike I have worked to perfect over the years. I land on my forefoot and am constantly changing the stride length depending on the terrain type (flat vs. hilly and smooth vs. rugged as in a trail). Over the years, the majority of companies have worked religiously on creating shoes that were cushioned and extremely stiff. All this has done to me is force an unnatural foot strike without allowing my foot to roll through. This equals muscles throughout my legs not being used as many of them are initiated through the touch of the foot to the ground. And then we wonder why we develop muscle imbalances which often lead to injuries over time.

Finally a beautiful innovative company has come to the rescue Newton out of Boulder Colorado is a grass roots company who address the fact that if anyone runs barefoot, they are going to run with a stride that is landing on the forefoot, not a heel strike the rest of the running shoe world seems to think we need.  So instead of attempting to further take us away from what is natural, they built a shoe that supports the true human gait.  Many of the best runners across the world are switching to them.  I have been running with Newtons for over a year now and can attest that they are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever run with.  They support my forefoot gait beautifully and are light, yet perfectly supportive and come in super bright, fun colors.  Here are my newest pair sported by my cute son Canyon.

Here is what Newton has to say on Optimal Running Form:

To discover your best running form all you need to do is run barefoot. You’ll immediately discover that when barefoot you’re not landing on your heels, you’re striking on your forefoot.

Striking on your forefoot is the most natural way to run, it is also the fastest and most efficient way to run. Newton Running shoes were developed to make your feet think they’re barefoot and increase your performance.

Thus, my problem is solved.  My suggestion is to give them a try if you are tired of injuries, want to support a conscious, environmentally sustainable, beautiful innovative company whom exudes the New Age Athlete vision.

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