09 April 2010 By Rachel’s

La Sportiva Mt Cup. Mt. Penn Mudfest

I flew out to Pennsylvania last Friday for the first of this year’s La Sportiva Mt. Cup race series. What a great weekend it was. I must say I was pleasantly pleased and surprised at how incredibly amazing my experience was. My flight and car rental went smoothly. And for one of the first times ever, I didn’t get lost!  It’s a miracle 🙂

I showed up to the race in Reading the evening before to check out the venue. I was met and instantly befriended the amazing Pagoda race club. Even though they were there to set up the course and race, a new friend Phil and a couple of others took me out onto the course for little pre-race run. I was delighted to find rooted, rocky, twisty, muddy trails full of many elevation changes. I had wondered how they would have a mountain run in flat (ya right) PA. Now educated, I must say that it was a technical and hilly, yet an absolute blast to run–my Newton running shoes liked it too! One of the things I love the most is I was given yet another nick name. The race director forgot my name and called me Utah girl over the loud speaker. For the entire run and after, that was my name!  Loved it.

This video from La Sportiva pretty much sums up what a fantastic beautiful day it was. Including an interview of me!  Looking forward to the next race in New Mexico. Until then, happy running!

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