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Neways. My Open Doorway to TransRockiesRun

TransRockiesRun is a race I have been wanting to experience for several years.  Initially I was too ill to train for such a rigorous event. Then last year it was my injured hip. This year is my golden year. In the spring I set an intention that I wanted to race it for 2011 and go for the win.  Being a single mother while living and racing as I do on just one income can be pretty limiting to say the least. Enter the magic. It happens for me always when something is meant to be!

Introducing Neways. A fabulous company created in an effort to provide households with quality supplements, personal care, and household products.  They provide safe products without controversial ingredients. Neways is a proud sponsor of the 2011 race.  In addition they found out I needed help financing my race. They are not only helping me with my entry fee, but are also providing me with products to help me prepare for and properly recover from workouts!  How lucky am I?

One of the products I am very excited about is called Alleviate. I am a massage therapist and understand the benefits of light massage (even self massage) for helping circulate blood flow post exercise so muscles recover faster. Add in this amazing cream and it is instant success and love for rejuvenation of taxed and tired limbs. Two of my favorite recovery ingredients are in it. Arnica and peppermint. It is a great way to remember self-care post workout and to make sure I relax as well.

Another great product is Acai Action.  It is actually a drink in single serving bottles. The thing I love about it is it has caffeine in it and I am finding it is a great replacement for coffee.  I like drink the little 3oz shot of it about 20 minutes before I go for a long run or ride. It is gentle on the stomach, gives a “sweet fix” and I literally find my energy is sustained stronger and longer than if I don’t take it.

For anyone lucky enough to be heading to TransRockies this August to race, you will be thrilled to find that Neways is taking care of you as well with these perfect products to help you get the most out of your race!

I am pleased and excited to be working with Neways. They stand behind much of what I believe in. I love that they strive to be a green company and look out for the complete well-being of their customers. I look forward to partnering with them as they provide me with support to have the best TransRockiesRun race ever!


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