05 November 2007 By Rachel’s

November =Fall Weather

Sweet! What a great weekend! On a freezing cold, yet beautiful and sunny morning, I raced my ‘cross race without killing myself on the barriers. I found I get off and over them pretty fast. Getting back on is a very different story! After a quick dismount and run over the barriers, I then come to a complete stop and waste 10 seconds fiddling around with my pedals before I take off again. Not very efficient,yet very tri-geekish! That will be fixed by my next race after my 70.3 worlds race this weekend!
I finished third in the women’s B group. Now I wish I would have gone harder. Aside from dinking around the barrier sections, I treated the race more like a warm-up. I then rolled past the finish line without realizing it was the finishat the end—ie-no sprint! I guess one of the guys from the men’s C race broke his collar bone and so the officials were too busy too call our last lap. Of course I was also too dumb to notice (or I’d like to think slightly focused on the course?) that there was a lap counter. Needless to say I am frustrated because it would have been an easy second. Next time ladies, you girls are toast! 🙂 That is another way to say, I have offically caught the cyclocross bug and will have a race face from here on out (of course a smiling one)–Thank you Art and Mr. Ohran.
I have a few pics from the men’s A/masters race, but none of me. Oh well.
Matt at the start and Art showing how it’s done on a tight corner
So if you want to find out what I did that night, look no further than and he will tell you all about it.
Now today, other than showing up for bikram yoga an hour early (oops! daylight savings), I had a great day. Yoga, and a fantastic bike ride with the best company there is were the highlights! Oh how I love wearing shorts in 60 degree November weather!

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