02 December 2007 By Rachel’s

Oh Happy Day!

So yesterday I did just as I said for the warm-up. I went swimming at Steiner at 6:30. Then I went and picked up Canyon from his dad’s and headed to the X race. I practiced my yoga breathing so I didn’t have the panick attack I thought I might have thinking about racing in a crazy snowstorm again. Theresa and Art gave the good race reports about how everything was, so I won’t bore you here. Needless to say, I had such a fun race! My only problems were a dropped chain and my darn beanie under my helmet kept slipping down and blinding me the last two laps. I was about ready to throw the helmet and hat by the end. When I finished the race I was really frustrated because I hadn’t caught the last girl. I suppose that goes along with typical Rachel because I must have passed her somewhere because I won! Leave it to me to finally win and have absolutely no clue 🙂 Wahoo! My third cross race ever–tri-geek skills and all!
Canyon thought it was pretty cool too. After my race, I was pushing him around on my bike and he was playing, ‘race like Mommy’. Just wait ’till next year. He’ll be out there racing the little kids races! My mom used to always say to my hyperactive personality that she hoped I have one just like me. Serve me right? Heck ya!!!!
Anyway good job to everyone and thanks Matt, Jon, and everyone who put on another fantastic race!

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