Oh Please God, Let There Be a Cross Race!!!

So I didn’t know that weather could be bad enough to cancel a cross race. I thought that’s what cross was all about. I know the concern is mainly about everyone getting to/from the venue safely which makes sense. I am so hooked on cross now, I’m dreaming about it. Kind of crazy thinking that I practically had to be bribed to do my first one. So seeing as I’ve now competed in 3 and had a hay day at every one. I am so psyched to race in Ogden, so here’s to hoping the weather’s bad, but not terrible enough to be cancelled? Hmmm……Especially considering this tri-geek (crazy Rach???) is going to be racing—-or at least trying not to get pummeled or pulled—in the elite race at Cross Nationals next Sunday. Now you don’t even want to know how this came about…
So on that tangent, here is my next concern. The borrowed bicycle I am riding of the awesome and kind Miss Vee has disc brakes. Big problem. Disc brakes are not allowed at Cross Nationals. So, for exchange of cash, massage, personal training, or some other service I may have of value, I am looking (begging?) for someone to come forth and let me borrow their 50 cm (0r close) cross bike without disc brakes. Anyone interested?!?! Promise I’ll take good care of it and bring it back all nice, clean, and shiny.
For now though, I’m off to train the Judge swimmers.