09 January 2008 By Rachel’s

Over Done

Still recovering from crazy holiday. I learned again that Rachel is human and has her limits. So by the time I’d driven up and down Parleys for the 100th time to take care of my dog and 2 puppies, trained mine and Scott’s clients, and massaged almost 40 hours in 5 days, I think I cracked. I’ve been dragging ever since. Today though, I am declaring myself Super Woman again, and I am going to HTFU until I’m better.
I’ve basically been so beyond tired I can’t sleep or eat. This translates into no energy for the things I love: Working out, My son, My friends, My clients, The Judge kids. Which translates into a grouchy Rachel who can’t function or think straight.
So even though I don’t typically believe in drugs for myself, dire situations require a different line of thinking. So I am taking a sleeping pill to help me get back on track. I am always weary of those things. My body seems to be so sensitive to anything like that. Last time I took one, I woke up 16 hours later and was in a complete twilight zone for the next 2 days. But, I got the sleep I needed. So to those of you I am planning on seeing tomorrow, and if by chance I don’t show up, my apologies in advance.

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