Rachel Cieslewicz

Founder & Premier Coach
Rachel Cieslewicz

Hello, I’m Rachel Cieslewicz. I strive to educate myself on true and natural ways of living a vibrant healthy life, as a conscious path, aspiring towards my own human and athletic potential. My mission is to creatively apply and share knowledge to all seeking their own truth about who they truly are, and the heights they are capable of attaining as a unique individual.

I will always remember waking up at the age of 12 to the pain I saw in so many while simultaneously realizing how lucky I was to feel fantastic. At that enlightening moment, I promised myself I would touch as many people as possible to this knowing so they could be free as well. The full spectrum of my vast life experiences are expressed on this site, as well as in a forth coming book, as my dedication to the infinite beauty and possibility that is ultimately human potential via athletics.


Who I am

I am passionate about helping others become their absolute best, and to inspire and assist them in their journey to finding their own true potential within the mind/body/spirit ~ sport complex. I love helping all awaken to their incredibly unique abilities, and to realize that they are capable, powerful, amazing, and infinitely beautiful.

What I offer

I continuously nurture a lifetime of experiences practicing yoga, meditation (mindfulness practice) Pilates, and giving massages. My enjoyment of running mountains, deserts and the road, as well as racing bicycles completes my soul. Evolution within my own passions assists me to help many ensure that their human and athletic dreams come true.

What sets me apart from other coaches

I have the ability to create personalized training programs that fit within your busy lifestyle. With 20 years in the industry, I know what works because I understand the science behind training plans and I personally have the same challenge of fitting my training in a time constrained work-day. I integrate mindfulness practice as part of your program experience. The tools I teach you will enhance your sport, your work and your family life.

My services include

  • Endurance Coaching for running and cycling
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Running Form workshops
  • Yoga teacher certification programs
  • Yoga teacher
  • Massage therapy
  • Retreats
  • Speaking engagements
  • Freelance writer


  • BS in Exercise Sport Science from University of Utah
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Natural Running Form coach
  • USATF Certified Endurance Running Coach
  • Thai Yoga massage certificate
  • 600 hour yoga certification through D’ana Baptiste
  • Certified as Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM
  • 20 years experience with Pilates both in practice, apprenticeship, and teaching
  • Self taught intuitive cook

What is Important to me

I love working with each person as an individual and utilize my tools, experience and intuition to assist them open up to, and become their best self. I care deeply for my clients and all I touch. I create an immensely profound impact in each person’s life on a variety of levels. This in turn, allows me grow and be my best on many levels, and helps me to care for family, friends, and myself. I wish to positively influence as many humans as possible.

Running P/R

  • 10k 36:19
  • 1/2 Marathon 1:17:28
  • Full Marathon 2:59:21


  • 2nd – Moab Gran Fondo
  • 1st – Red Mountain 50k (CR)
  • 1st – Southern Utah 1/2 Marathon
  • 2nd – Moab RedHot 33k
  • 3rd US Skyrunning Whiteface, NY Vertical Kilometer
  • 2nd Speedgoat Vertical Mile
  • 2nd US Skyrunning Tushar Sky Marathon
  • 1st RunIceland 110K Ultra 5-Day Stage Race (won each individual stage as well)
  • 2nd US Skyrunning Flagstaff VK Continental Championship
  • 6th US Skyrunning Flagstaff Sky Marathon Continental Championship
  • 2nd Overall US Skyrunning Female ranked for 2015
  • 4th – St. George 1/2 Marathon
  • 3rd – Southern Utah 1/2 Marathon
  • 2nd – Carrera de Baja (5 stage off-road, 100k)
  • 1st – Dirty Hurty 21k off-road
  • 4th – Moab RedHot 33k
  • 1st – Spectrum 10k
  • 1st – St. George Olympic Duathalon
  • 1st – Altra TM 1 Mile Challenge
  • 1st – St. George 1/2 Marathon (30-34)
  • 9th GC – Valley of the Sun
  • 3rd GC – Tour del Sol
  • 2nd GC – Tour of the Depot
  • 2nd RR – East Canyon RR
  • 9th – XTERRA WORLDS Overall
  • 4th – La Sportiva National Mountain Cup Series
  • 1st – XTERRA West 21k Championship
  • 1st – XTERRA Pacific 21k Championship
  • 9th – PC-50 MTB Women’s Pro
  • 2nd – Crusher in the Tushar Women’s Pro
  • 1st – Uphill Challenge Pro Women’s
  • 1st – XTERRA WORLDS (30-34) (5th overall)
  • 1st – XTERRA West 21k Championship
  • 8th – Honolulu Marathon (1st American Woman to finish)