15 October 2008 By Rachel’s

Reality Check

So when it comes to my athleticism, why do I seem to be the only one not to notice when my season is over? Now that I have officially been forced to end my season early and call off my Xterra Worlds race (don’t want to admit how many tears that one took), I am finally looking back over the season to find out what happened. Hmmm…..Over the years when I have felt even half-way decent, I seem to find within myself the unbelievable ability to suffer. Squared. I have had several races where I literally force myself to race hard until pass out and wake up in an ambulence. I did learn to back off from those episodes, but I apparently still have a lot to learn.

So the last few seasons even with crazy chaos going on in my non-racing part of life, I seem to like to race week after week after week. At times I’ll do 2-3 races in one weekend. The problem is when I notice I am not recovering. The logical person would back off and take a break. Being me, I tell body to keep going and we’ll take a break soon, which turns into later and later. Finally my poor body rebels and forces me to stop.

Which leads me to my actual end of my season which was Scofield which I won by over 7 minutes. Tired. The next morning I woke up and couldn’t walk. I had nearly ruptured my achilles tendon. My version of resting was doing lots and lots of Astanga and power yoga, swimming, and riding Super Crest. Not to mention racing more bike races to leave out the run and a few triathlons which I am certain didn’t do my achilles any favor. Now looking back, I don’t think that was such a good idea.

Subpar races were the least of my problems. My health is so scary right now, I am just that. Scared out of my mind. Between my inability to recover, an achilles injury, emergency room visit half-way through the Brianhead Epic, dicovery of massive parasites in my colon (main reason I got injured and sick in the first place), being chronically tired and losing teeth because of them. Now I also have my little heart completely broken looking at the pieces my body is in.

New mission: Try to put body back together. No wait. Rejuvinate body completely and give it the rest and the sleep and good things it needs so I can be healthy and happy and crazy (with hopefully better judgement of when to stop) again.

Why must I do this? Number one is I am a single mom with an adorable son I need to raise. One of the worst things I have ever experienced is my little boy asking his mommy why she can’t get up. The next worst is him being afraid of me because I’m sick and can’t take care of him how he needs to be cared for. Ya. I apparently can be THAT selfish.

Number two is being a single mom, not working is not an option. So with that said, I want to feel good when I work. My line of work depends on it. By the way, for anyone living or visiting the 801, I now have many more openings available for massage sessions, personal training, yoga, and Pilates if you are interested. Yes, I was working out that much!

Wow. Thanks to everyone who saw what was happening. Warned me to back off, and when I didn’t, loved me anyway.

So some hard lessons learned, a long road ahead, but I know I will become healthy again and be giving my share of ass kicking soon.

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