17 November 2007 By Rachel’s

Rough Morning

Well today I do feel better and would have totally had a fun race in Poci. One thing, no babysitter. I get so frustrated sometimes. If I had willing family nearby or maybe a lot of $$$ to pay people, it seems like it would be so easy. But nope, so friends left without me on their day’s adventure. I originally never dreamed A) that I would have a child, or B) that I would be a single parent. Both came as surprises and both carry their rewards and burdens. Today feels like a burden day. All Mr. Canyon can talk about is how he wants to go to SL and be with Daddy which makes it that much harder.
Some good things: The sun is shining and I’m going to take Canyon on a little hike soon. My friend Philipe sent me a beautiful poem that I received this morning–
How easily we become attached to places, people, a way of life.
It is hard to say when it begins or when you actually know for sure,
But suddenly the old life is no longer there.
It is a memory, a good one,
But never to be looked back upon with longing.

There is a new life here,
Where the water glistens with tears,
And the wind makes music in the trees,
And the sunsets… well, you just have to see one to know.

It is a big place;
You cannot see it all in an hour or two or a day or even a summer.
There are so many things to learn and so many ways to grow.
And the people there:
They share something very special,
Something never again to be experienced.
They hold within them so much love that it is overflowing.

This place has given so very much… can we keep it inside?
No, we don’t want to. Our joy is to share it with others!
~ author unknown

Picture of my favorite black sand beach (Kalapani) on Big Island. I miss it…

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