05 December 2007 By Rachel’s

Running, Yoga, & a short muddy ride

So this morning I got up and went to running group at 5:45. It is so fun to run with them. I don’t know any other people who can be so happy and funny when it’s dark, freezing cold, and insanely early in the AM! We met at East High Track which was covered in snow. So instead we ran to the U and ran/slid on ice all over campus too many times for this ADD child to remember. Good times.

Then I went and woke Art up at 7:30 AM to talk his ear off and to get V’s bike (sorry Art) incase I wanted to ride later.
Okay so here is why (the 1,000,000th reason) I am the luckiest girl in the world. I went from Art’s house to my gym to meet my friend and the most amazing yoga teacher in the world and did crazy back bends stuff, hand stands, etc. for 2 hours–just me and him. Jeff Silverstein has been my main yoga teacher for several years now. He is so awesome! If anyone needs to find a yoga teacher, he just may be your man. He is also an ultra runner and ski maniac on top of everything else! It was great! By the way, if I can’t walk tomorrow, you’ll know why!
So it was like a Saturday because all of my clients either cancelled or rescheduled. So since I just did 3 hours of workouts, I decided I needed to go to PC to catch up on book work and write a few programs. On my way up the 39oo South hill, I saw Burke riding his bike. It made me so jealous! I love riding so much!
I got home and did some work, couldn’t handle it anymore. I jumped on my bike and thought I was going to ride Glen Wilde. Um, kind of! Most of the Snow had melted and it was a mushy mud fest starting about 400 feet into the ride. Needless to say, I lasted until the turn-off for the loop. Just enough time on the trail to get myself and the bike completely covered in mud! Then I stuck to the roads. Good thing Art is my new self-proclaimed mechanic–So hey Art, my bike needs help! I don’t know if he realized that trying to keep up with four different bikes for me would be such a job on top of however many he rides.

Anyway. Good day. Good times with some cool friends. Oh and to top it off, Canyon read to me tonight—bet you never knew that Mickey Mouse lived during the dinosaur era…

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