09 April 2008 By Rachel’s

Sacramento Pics

So I’ve been pretty slow at this blogging stuff lately. I kind of go in spurts. When it is sunny, I have energy. When the weather sucks, I want to crawl into a hole! I have decided that I am never spending a January/February in SLC again!! So, anyone who wants to offer me a job or a great training place during those months, let me know!!! Has to be warm though! None of the pics I have are of me actually racing. Guess that happens sometimes. Here are a few of my weekend.
Great view point on our way to Folsom

Lance and I at a restaurant not arguing-a rarity!

Lost in hills above Folsom. Almost to point of dialing 911!


6th overall woman 3rd in category!

Me and Emma Gerrard–If I ever beat her, then I know I am ready to turn pro!

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